Same Story, Different Day: Still swamped. So much so that I went to the ER with chest pains last Monday. My awesome boss drove me there and stayed with me through the EKG and cardiac enzyme tests. Nope – no heart problems. I just need to S-L-O-W   D-O-W-N. Well, I’ve been trying but there’s just so much to do. Lots of change (very exciting stuff!) at work, trying to get my spring cleaning underway at home, and still working on a new web site that’s out in beta right now. I’ll be linking to it from here, soon! Also, need to set up my photo site on SmugMug. Need 48 hour days. 🙂

The first IndyCar race in Sao Paulo was thrilling – I can’t wait for another race there and am really excited for the season to resume in St. Pete next weekend. My plans for Long Beach have come together – flights and hotel all set. I won the monthly UX department Spark award Friday (for making an impact on a project or team – in my case, taking on a million things while being flexible and supportive of my team mates) and that award comes with a free day off. I may use that to try to get to Pole Day weekend at Indianapolis. Will be there for the May Indy TweetUp and race, for sure. Also aiming for Texas (race day only) and then have two U2 concerts in Anaheim the next two days. Gonna be living out of a suitcase for a while!

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