Situation Unclear

(2 a.m.) Sabrina has eaten nothing since Monday morning, and is listless most of the time. I’ve made a bed on the floor so I can be near her and her water supply. Since midnight, though, she’s been a lot more active, walking across my bed into the living room a couple of times (I’ve followed to see what she’s up to), rubbing against my legs, against her Sebastian while he ate, etc. Her little paw is still cool, but much warmer than it was on Monday, and she’s more stable when she walks. She has a vet appointment later today to get some more tests done.

UPDATE (9 a.m.): The little one was active most of the wee hours of this morning, walking into the living room/kitchen several times, drinking lots of water, using her litter box twice, and this morning, she batted a string around for a few minutes (not a full-out romp, but definitely a good sign), then ate a few bites of kibble and a few bites of tuna. I’m happy to see her more active and eating (!!!), but I have been awake for all but an hour or so as a result, and I’m pretty groggy. Mommy will be worthless today.  *grin*

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