Sick Again…

Nyquil to the Rescue!: Right ear has been clogged and ringing for a week and I’ve been pretty congested. But this morning, I woke up with a sore throat and some discomfort in the clogged ear. Ugh. Ran out for errands (see below for a fun sighting along the way) and am now home, dosed on Nyquil and ready to doze/read for the rest of the day.

Meanwhile, Santarchy Reigns (Reins?): San Franciscans are participating in SantaCon 08 today, a flash mob of people dressed as Santas, reindeer and elves, cruising the bars and doing just whatever happens. If you’re on Twitter, you can follow the SF festivities at Or use Twitter search to find  SantaCon movements in your own town.  Several Santas and a herd of reindeer were on the 1 California bus I rode home from errands – Santa and Dancer were ready for the good times now invading the Mission district and heading towards the wharf.


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