Seen about Town…

Shocking Good Ship Lollipop: Saw an amazing hairstyle today while out shopping. Too bad my digital camera’s broken – it was nearly indescribable…but I’ll try. It was atop the head of an African American gentleman. The sides and back were rows of short, tight curls and the top was blown out and straight up. A fellow shopper said, “Look – Shirley Temple meets Don King!” Most unusual look I’ve seen in a while…

Now Reading: The Audacity of Hope by Senator Barack Obama. He was seen about town for a few fundraisers yesterday, and there seems to be quite a buzz following him. I’ve just gotten a few pages into his book – interested to read about his ideas for leading America in a (hopefully) better direction.

SPAM: Someone left me a SPAM comment in French via anonymous proxy. Don’t bother folks…won’t get through here.

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