Back to Work: Buried in all my work email this morning was the sign-up times for this week’s chair massage. I replied, only to learn that all times were booked. I emailed the masseuse, Sabina, with whom I have had some great chats, to let her know I’d miss her this week. She is such a doll – she offered to come early or stay late to sort out my back muscles for me. She’ll be curious about my race weekend – I’ll have to take her some Helio pictures, and hooo boy, can’t wait until she asks me about how the weekend went with my visitor. I guess this is a chance to practice diplomacy. *grin*

Another email was waiting from the CEO, telling us we are being kicked out at 2 p.m. Friday for the Labor Day holiday. I like having another long weekend lined up. Maybe I’ll resume painting my place, or do my favorite cross-city walk to the beach if the weather’s warm enough. There will be baseball games and racing to enjoy, as well.

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