Scaredy Cats

Ka-BOOM!: And I’m not talking the KFOG Ka-Boom (that’s a set-to-music fireworks show held in SF every May). I’m talking thunder, lightning and coarse sea salt-sized hail, coming down in buckets. The hail isn’t that uncommon – it’s what we get instead of snow or freezing rain when a strong storm comes in off the Pacific Ocean. But the thunder is rare, and my two babies don’t like it. Sebastian is cowering in the hallway, all saucer-eyed, with a fluffed-out tail. Sabrina is hiding under the comforter, her usual place to be when scary things happen (most things are scary things to her). Poor babies – it’s going to be even worse when the heart of this storm blows in tomorrow evening…

The Truth Hurts: Finally got around to viewing An Inconvenient Truth, and admire Al Gore for crusading in this fashion. He’s found his calling, smartly breaking a complex issue into digestible chunks with an understated and sometimes humorous professiorial tone. Glad the film won its Oscar, and I hope it motivates most people to use trasnit, walk or drive hybrid cars.

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