Saturday (and Sunday) with Harry

Harry’s Hallows: UPS brought my copy of HP&TDH at about 10 this morning. I’ll be spending the weekend with it, hopefully getting it knocked out before I have to go back to work.

You GO, Girl!: Danica Patrick qualified second for Mid-Ohio today, her best starting position for a road course. These big powerful machines have no traction control or power steering and they’ve been a challenge for Patrick (a 5-foot, 100-pounder) to muscle around non-oval races. Her three AGR teammates are right behind her on the starting grid – a really strong showing for Andretti Green.

Ripped: Heard from one of my musical pals today. He ripped the local help for only looking out for their own good time and “thinking with their willy” and being too far up the butt of the other unpaid help (they don’t have any paid help outside of the tour manager) who’s always overstating their position and doing shit that pisses the band off. He also said he had something really cool to send me…can’t mention it here, but can’t wait ’til it arrives!

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