WTF?: Okay, it wasn’t his best dance, but the rumba from Helio and Julianne surely wasn’t as bad as the judges’ scores and comments. He was more fluid than I though he’d be, and managed to keep that adorable smile turned down to suit the dance. Ah well…..everyone VOTE!

Where I Been: Here, that’s where. Got a new computer Saturday and spent most of the weekend getting it set up and personalized.

Working Stiff: Man, work is grinding me down. My boss’ boss wants her to get more involved with all things content. After being pretty much left to my own devices for over a year, the super-intense focus now is on me prepping her for her weekly meetings with her boss. I guess this means my meetings with her won’t be shoved aside, rescheduled or canceled quite so often anymore. There hasn’t been much in the way of focus on my career or improvement in those anyway (that’s what these meetings are supposed to be for), and it looks like that won’t be changing. There’s also more hovering over the shoulder behavior, figuratively, anyway. Smothered, or ignored? Neither, please, but if I have to choose – ignored. The last little bit of joy has threatened to leave the building…

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