Rollin’ Along

Can’t Wait for Mid-OH!: The IndyCars return to Mid-Ohio, one of the best stops of the season back when there was only one big league open-wheel series. I went to a couple races there back in the early 90s – it’s a beautiful place and a great spot to see a race. I’ll be drinking that in while devouring the final Harry Potter book this weekend.

Serial Sorrys: Got a PM from my favorite cereal today – “Sorry to miss you Sunday.” Got a call from Rupe – “sorry didn’t get you backstage Sunday night.” He said he was coming out to find me and his friend Rob Hughes, but got stopped by other visitors who wanted to chat and chat and chat. He remembered how tired I said I was at dinner earlier that night, and was sorry I missed seeing everyone. Also told me their Vegas gig in August is canceled.

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