Ready to Waltz…

Week 4: Helio and Julianne will present the Viennese Waltz tomorrow night on Dancing with the Stars. Looking forward to seeing them get higher scores and finish closer to the top.

Another Lovely Day: Went out for a few errands today, and it was even better than yesterday. It’s supposed to rain most of the week. It’s really early for us to have so much rain – Friday, it poured most of the day – but it’s been so dry this year that it’s  good we’re getting some moisture. Every little bit helps cut the fire danger.

Pippi: She’s back at her old job, with her regulars lined up at the bar for her potions. Says it’s a little weird getting used to a schedule after not having a job for almost a year.

Crash: Finally got a chance to tune in to Speed Freaks, featuring my MySpace pal Crash Gladys. She’s a huge open-wheel racing fan and it’s great to hear someone on a racing show who actually DOESN’T want to talk about NAPCAR. We’ve been trading comments about the state of the dis-union in our sport. Right as the show ended, she squeezed in a “Vote for Helio” comment – she’s a big fan of his, also.

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