Radio Silence

Keying the Mic: Is this thing on? Ah, yes. Now, what to write…?  Guess it’ll be a roundup.

Life: Busy. Reading, writing and following racing and Tour of California and baseball’s about to start.

Health: Not so great. I need more surgery and it won’t wait all year…I have a visit with my specialist March 9th to get a read on where things stand.

Work: Hooo, boy. Crazy busy projects, more on the way, with the terrain constantly changing. Other things are changing, as well. Some of it’s due to the economy, but there are non-economy-related things going on…not all are enjoyable, but they may eventually work themselves out for the ultimate good. All week, a verse from nowhere keeps playing in my head:   “The ice under your feet is as thin as a sheet of paper…”

Kitties: Sebastian is himself – hanging out, sweet, and all seems decent with him. Little Felix is having tummy troubles – everything seems to cause frequent trips to the litter box. I’m slowly trying him on different foods to see if that helps, and he has a vet appointment on the 28th.  He’s comical and sweet and I’m so glad we have him. And Sabrina…I miss her so, but it’s a little better the last few days. I had a very vivid dream last week in which she visited me. It felt like she was curled up in my arms asleep, as she always was, and the message I kept hearing in my dream was “I’m always with you…”  Things have felt a little lighter since that dream.

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