Quick Update

Cold: Been battling a cold bug, it’s cold here in SF this week, and the diet Barq’s I just opened has frozen bits floating in it (I keep the fridge cold).  Will be off to a bubble bath in a bit…about the only way to feel warm!

Training: I’m attending another day-long seminar here in SF tomorrow – “Coaching and Team Building for Managers” will keep me preoccupied 9-4, then I’ll be rushing home to bake up a storm, because…

Bake Sale: …I formed a team of folks at work, named us “Project Yumway” and we’re going raise the most money for the Children’s Miracle Network at our company’s competition/bake sale on Friday. Peanut butter chocolate kiss cookies, lemon shortbread and garlic cheese biscuits are my contributions. My team mates are bringing bundt cakes, cup cakes, Pavlovas, fruit tarts, croissants, brownies and more. We will crush the other teams with our yumminess.  *grin*

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