Quick Update

Health – Surgery May 7th – off work for 6 weeks. Looking forward to feeling better, but I will not be able to attend the Indy 500 this time around. Too soon for travel and all that walking…

Work – Insanely busy. Working on some really interesting projects, but they’re all happening at once.

Cats – Felix had a bad tummy but the vet fixed that up for him and he’s back to his cute little kitten self. Sebastian is doing fine.

Music – So it happened again. I have a habit of getting really into a band at least 15 years after they start. This time? U2. They’ve only been at it for 32 years at this point…guess it’s time to really pay attention. 🙂  Been enjoying getting into their entire body of work and hope to see them on tour this year or next (hoping they’ll come closer than Vegas/LA next year…).

Racing – Is it MAY yet? Srsly. DO NOT WANT wait. Tickled that Davey Hamilton will be gunning for another 500. Glad to have Dario back in the IndyCars. Hoping Helio beats his tax rap. Can’t wait for St. Pete in 3 weeks. NASCAR is barely tiding me over…HALP! (Oh, yeah – Versus is helping. Loads of programming this month, including a really good hour on Danica Patrick. Not fluff. Encouraging work from our new network!)

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