Busy Day Yesterday: Rested most of the morning before running errands to the vet and grocery. Sebastian has had problems with a tooth so we went to get him checked out and get some meds. I dragged his carrier uphill to my ZIPcar, to the vet and the grocery store – a bit of a workout with a squirming 12-pound cat inside.  I still felt pretty well afterward – very little lower back ache and my energy level was good all day.  Feeling a bit tired this morning, so I’ll need to have a slower day, but it’s all slowly improving. I’m on target for being able to go a full day several days in a row by the time I go back to work June 22.

Shrinking – YAY!: Laparoscopic abdominal surgery has many upsides – less pain, faster full recovery, etc. One of the few downsides is something I call the “bloaties,” caused by the CO2 gas used to distend the abdominal wall (this gives the surgeon more room to work). Imagine that “ate too much Thanksgiving dinner” feeling, 24/7. The bloaties can take several weeks to dissipate and I’ve been feeling pretty icky due to them. But it’s getting better! A few days ago I put on my “big pants” and couldn’t get them zipped. I went to Old Navy and got some clearance rack pants in the next size up so I had something other than the one skirt that would fit. Not even a week later, my new pants are already loose and my old “big pants” are now zipping up. Hoping to be down yet another size in the next few days so I can start trying my usual wardrobe.

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