Plan B

Even More Work: I’ve lost my beloved contractor for at least a month – he’s gone on vacation, and I’ve inherited his projects, one of which isn’t as done as it was supposed to be due to engineering complications. Next week is going to be the worst yet. Everything else is due, one of the projects is escalated (yet again due to engineering issues), and I have to get everything ready to onboard my new employee on the 30th. That will have to be done on the weekend because I need to get all the projects cranked out during the work week.

Visitor: On top of that, a friend has written that she’s coming to SF the first weekend of May, and she’ll want to come see my baby kitties, so I have to find a way to finish the spring cleaning I started before the other writer left us in February. This isn’t a couple of hours worth of work – I’ve got loads of stuff torn out of closets and cabinets for a major purge, and I get a little done here and there, but the amount of time I have to work at home right now is really delaying the completion.

SoNOma: I have to cancel my trip to Sonoma next weekend, also. I’ll need the weekend to finish the cleaning and get the onboarding work done for my new employee. My musical pals will be down the coast playing at a private show Saturday, and I’ve invited my UK pal to dine in San Francisco the next day if his schedule will allow. Otherwise, I’ll be at home all weekend next weekend. Working. *sigh*

So…: If I forget to post an update here for the next few days, it’s just because I’m too swamped. I’ll eventually catch things up here, when that light appears at the end of the tunnel. *grin*

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