PHOTOS? You looking for my PHOTOS?

SHEESH, PEOPLE!: Got a couple of emails about my Sonoma photos – “been looking for them here, so where are they?”

Out of curiosity, I checked my stats to see who’s been looking at this year’s photos. I noticed a few folks were stopping by here a few times, then going off and looking at my Sonoma photos from last year, but never seeing the ones from THIS year. Funny, I posted links to this year’s photos right here, two weeks ago. (You people just don’t READ, do you? LOL!)


I’ve found a better place for all my photos and they all (33 albums as of this date) live on my Picasa Web site now. Just:

  1. Click the words “my Picasa Web site” in the last sentence.
  2. Click an album to open it.
  3. Click a photo to see full size, or click “Slideshow” to automate the display.

It’s all there – the last two Indy 500s, last two Sonomas, loads of Fixx concerts, Martin Gore from Depeche Mode playing the piano in our penthouse suite on the Exciter tour, my kitties, other critters, niece and nephews, etc.


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