Photo Avalanche

What Was I Thinking?: My camera’s frame count is off – when I left the track, I thought I’d shot about 1400 photos for the weekend. When I dumped them on the computer last night, the actual count was 2200 exactly! I have deleted over a thousand (mainly partial cars) and am still sorting the remainder into various categories. Then I can choose the best of those, crop them to a manageable size and post them. Here’s what you’ll see when they’re up:

  • Cars, cars, cars of all kinds
  • Bud Moeller, in the flesh! (Remember last year?)
  • Helio and his hot new girlfriend
  • Ryan Briscoe’s cute caboose
  • Mama Ice, Papa Ice, Emma Ice and Ice
  • Tomas “Hot Papa” Scheckter (and the world’s skinniest legs!)
  • Daniker, Daniker, Daniker
  • Marco’s newest movie theme paint scheme (better than Indy at Indy!)
  • The best media folks, even if they’re a little hard on the lens (think RM, bless his heart)
  • Owners and drivers and tires, oh my!
  • Air show jets making smoke hearts
  • Lollipops
  • The World’s Cutest Cottage(TM)
  • Did I mention cars?

I appreciate your patience as I dig out from under the photo blizzard. Got some good ones!

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