Perfect Again; Owie!

10! x 6: Helio and Julianne performed a foxtrot and cha cha cha last night and wowed the audience and judges for a perfect score on the night. And so did Mel B. and Maks – so the race is on! I’ll post the videos in the next day or so.

Poke: It’s been a bad day to be Bash’s left eye. On the way to the train this morning, a gust of wind blew debris in my face and something sharp is now stuck under my left upper eyelid. I came home and dug into my earthquake prep area for the first aid kit, which I think has eye wash in it. My cardboard recycling sits next to the EQ storage area and as I leaned in to find the kit, I lost my balance and got a face full of sharp cardboard corners. The sharpest one went right into my left eye. I’m squinty and saving my screen time for work issues, so the Helio videos will have to wait…  *grin*

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