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(Not) Seeing Stars: Seems the LA Lakers – here to play the Warriors – are staying at the Ritz Carlton, just a half-block from my house. Walked by today while out on errands, and there was a big bus and a whole gaggle of fans with Lakers jackets, basketballs and Sharpies milling around beside it. Funny thing about this town – I’ve been here 10 years, and live on the block between the most celebrity-frequented hotels in the city, but I’ve only seen two the whole time I’ve been here. James Brown (RIP) nearly knocked me over on the sidewalk once. And Jennifer Lopez was trying on shoes in Macy’s (our Macy’s has an ENORMOUS shoe selection). I always see fans congregating outside the Ritz for some reason or another, but there’s never time to stop and observe. To quote the one true celebrity I know, “Life Goes On…” *grin*

GRRRR…: Transit (or, more accurately, human) stupidity strikes again. I was dragging home groceries in both hands, with a very weighty backpack as well, and trying to get off the 15 line to catch the cable car. But I ended up missing my stop and the next. It was a long, articulated bus with room to spread out, but people were crammed around the doors and I couldn’t push past the crowd to exit. The bus driver didn’t wait, either – they don’t care about anything but making their on-time record. That sorta thing just steams me and it happens so much on our transit system here. People act like they’re afraid they’ll miss their stop if they spread out, but no one can actually GET off because of it. So I slogged 4 very long big city blocks in the rain with too many bags and a bad foot, just to get back to where I needed to be. Grrrr…

Oscar: So, I’m not a movie buff, and I haven’t seen The Queen yet, but I hope Helen Mirren finally gets her Oscar, just because I loved her in the Prime Suspect series. I’m sure she was fabulous as the Queen, though, and will deserve the statue if she wins it. Lots of folks in the office loved her performance. Not planning to watch the telecast, but will be watching online for the winners.

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