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Whew!: Goodness, it’s been a busy time. Getting lots done, hearing from lots of folks via email, and my phone’s ringing off the hook – mostly recruiters looking for my skills. Still haven’t come up with a plan to use all those eggs…better spend the weekend cooking!

Zeppidy-Doo-Dah: It’s everywhere – since the reunion show in December, I’m running into Led Zeppelin music everywhere I turn. So, joining in, I’ve been watching DVD a bit lately and struggling with a decision about which format to buy The Complete Led Zeppelin in. I’d love to have the artwork and whatever else comes in the boxed set, but as distracting as life is right now, it may take me a year to rip them all. Then again, it may take that long to download it all.  I’ve owned it all before, on vinyl, cassette and some on CD, and it’s time to get it all into my iPod. It’s startling how powerful the impact of their music is on so many levels, and the fact that it never feels old or worn. And it all started way back when…when I was a young kid in Indiana, first hearing “Stairway to Heaven” on WLS-AM out of Chicago.

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