New Toy

160 Gigs Enough?: I hope so! I have once again demonstrated an uncanny ability to destroy electronic devices, and my 30-gig video iPod hasn’t been spared. I have the bad habit of carrying my iPod everywhere – in my back pocket. Many times, the headphone plug will be caught on the lumbar support portion of open backed chairs at work, and the jack eventually gets pulled loose. End result is the plug doesn’t make good contact and one audio channel is lost. Yet again, I found my iPod faltering and stopped at the Apple store tonight for a new 160 gig video iPod and a nice little case that I can clip it to my front pocket. Between this and the case for my iPhone, it’s gonna look like I’m wearing a utility belt. (Well, sorta am, aren’t I?) The new iPod is syncing now – I included all podcasts this time, so I will have 3+ seasons of IndyCar races, Talk of Gasoline Alley episodes and lots of SpeedFreaks and Trackside with Cavin and Kevin. Plus some videos, all my music and photos. This is gonna take a while…

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