Bonehead Taxicab Drivers…: So I was exchanging messages with this rabid NASCAR fan who asked me what kind of dumb-sounding name Castroneves is. I had to chuckle – I mean, just how dorky does BIFFLE sound? I suggested we strap one of his boys into one of those 220+ mph missles we call Indy Cars and send him on his way around IMS. What? No power steering? No traction control? Better know how to drive, I guess. First time that bonehead hit 230 on the backstretch (IF he could get there), he’d be keying the radio with “I want my mama…” Better yet, send him out on the track at Texas and see how he handles THAT bowl of terror. Hope he has some spare shorts on hand.

My motto: Real racers don’t need fenders and roofs. *grin* (and in the way off chance he finds this blog in a Google search – Happy birthday tomorrow, Davey H.!)

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