Musicians Rock Everest in Fight Against Cancer – You Can, Too!

“Musicians and Mountaineers unite in the battle against cancer!” LHSF Web site

Do you know the Welsh band The Alarm? “The Stand”, “Marching On” and “68 Guns” are some of their best-known tunes. I hadn’t heard their music until I saw them play live this summer. I really enjoyed the spirit of their music and the energy of lead singer Mike Peters, and was stunned to learn that he was just off his second battle with leukemia.

Peters has joined with other cancer survivors to create the Love Hope Strength Foundation, with a mission to raise money and awareness through various events usually involving music. He and others have climbed Mt. Snowdon for a performance and played a concert atop the Empire State Building, and are now preparing for the ultimate trek: Mount Everest.

More than forty musicians, mountaineers and survivors will set out for base camp on October 13th, with plans for an acoustic set once they arrive two weeks later. Podcasts and other updates will be shared daily and a documentary crew will capture it all for everyone wishing to participate “virtually.”

I’m honored to have an acquaintance making this trek – Cy Curnin of The Fixx. I’m sponsoring Cy in honor of several relatives who have had cancer and invite you to join me with a donation of your own. Paypal makes it easy and quick and even a little will make a difference.

Please sponsor Cy today and help build a global network of support for those dealing with, battling and beating cancer.

Thanks so much for your support!

Photo copyright Lisa “Bash” Beard

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