Moving Forward

Some Progress: Medicine cabinet and bathroom door painted. Spackling, wall repair and sanding complete. Now I’ll spend the rest of the evening scrubbing the bathroom so it’ll be ready for a fresh coat of white. I may not get the painting done tonight. More repairs were needed than I had anticipated and phone calls and emails have slowed my progress. Got a chuckle when a friend called – he just got a Samsung Instinct and was calling me on it for the first time. His number didn’t change, but instead of his name showing on the caller ID, it just read “Indianapolis, IN.” He’s so big, they named a town after him. *grin*

Drama, As Usual: So, another tour has ended and of course there was drama. Even though I wasn’t at a gig, I heard some of the silly stuff that went on and made some cryptic comments about it on my MySpace blog. (No names or places were disclosed – you’d have to know that set of people to get any of it.) Not very many people saw it (I can get stats on readers there), but one person did and threw his customary hissy fit. I took it down because he was yelling at the friend who gave me the scoop – but he had to share the fact that I blogged about it with others, of course. Not too long afterward, someone who usually travels with the tour but wasn’t there this time got in touch, wondering what had happened. It’s all so silly – I just shake my head and laugh.

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