Monday, Monday…

T.G.I.Over: Wall-to-wall meetings today. Same story tomorrow. Fortunately, I got most of the writing done yesterday, so I’m not working tonight. Will go in a little early tomorrow and knock it out before the rest of the crew gets in. I need a break! Chianti, bubble bath, book, then bed. Ahhhh….

There He Goes!: Helio, that is. Two years in a row, he’s dominated the IRL race at St. Pete, and when Helio Castroneves wins he climbs a catch fence and hangs on it, celebrating with his fans. That trademark move has earned him the nickname “Spiderman.” (Somehow, Spiderman morphed into “Pideymang” in my childhood household…) Anyway, Pidey made his assent again yesterday, to the delight of the camera crews and my old college mate Vince Welch, who works for ESPN and interviewed Helio after he got off the fence. Helio is effusive, emotive and excitable and always an amusing interview – his sunny nature, Brazilian accent and “almost” command of the English language combine to create some funny moments. And his quotes are fun even when he isn’t fighting the language – after last year’s win at this race, he said “I drove it like I stole it!” He’s such a popular “brand” in the Indy Car Series that his upcoming wedding is being referred to as “Castronuptials” in the press. Helio, Dan Wheldon, Danica Patrick and Dario Franchitti are all personalities that make the racing even more interesting for me. It’s fun watching them do their thing.

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