Love critters and respect their freedom?

Please help this wonderful organization rehabilitate bald eagles!

The Florida Wild Mammal Association rescues, heals and releases wild animals of all kinds in the area around Tallahassee, FL. Whether an animal is hurt in an accident or has been shot by hunters, Chris Beatty
and her staff care for, heal and release wild animals back in their habitat, protecting populations of native species in the panhandle area.

The organization has a number of small buildings and pens to house animals until they are healed and ready to return to the wild. They can handle almost anything – from marine birds, reptiles and amphibians to squirrels, deer, rabbits and more. Chris and her staff are now raising funds to build a 100 foot flight pen to allow the rehabilitation and release of our national symbol of freedom – the bald eagle – instead of having to turn them over to state authorities.

Please visit their website and follow the Paypal button to make a donation to this wonderful organization. Also, please be sure to check out Judy Cooke’s adorable blog, featuring photos and information about the FWMA’s current patients. Judy’s photos capture the most precious critter faces and her blog reflects the caring and kind spirit of the FWMA’s mission.

When you donate, please include a comment about the flight pen if you want your donation to go specifically to that project. Even a few dollars will make a difference, so please help Chris and her staff today.

Thank you!

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