Loud, Fast and Blue!

Angelic View: The Blue Angels will be performing their air show over the San Francisco harbor this weekend as part of the Fleet Week celebrations. I’m hoping to get out and try my new camera out on their show.

Moving Slowly: I use transit to get around – there’s nowhere to park in my neighborhood so I don’t own a car. Wednesday, the shuttle to work was overcrowded and I ended up sitting in the stairwell. There were people standing the whole length of the aisle as well. As we were driving on the freeway, the driver had to stop abruptly and those people dominoed forward, with the last one falling on top of me. Her weight came straight down on the top of my head, jamming my neck. I had a chair massage that day, which helped the neck stiffness and headache, by my lower back is still hurting from it. We’ve been complaining about the overcrowding to the transit company, and they finally replied that they will address the issue. Yesterday, the driver actually asked the standing passengers to get off, which is what we feared they would do. The standing folks need to get to work too – and they ignored the driver, who finally drove his route. If they start enforcing a new rule and leaving people behind instead of getting a bigger bus, that’s going to really tick people off. They only make a few runs during morning and afternoon rush hours, and it’s going to blow if I have to start leaving my house at 7 am instead of 8:15, just to have multiple chances at the shuttle.

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