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Update: Since my last entry, I’ve been busy with the usual – working, working, working, baking and following racing. The flan I made turned out well, almost as well as a white chocolate raspberry cheesecake I made the weekend before.

I baked two gorgeous loaves of egg bread while following the Rolex 24 Saturday. Followed it all day Sunday as well – 24 straight hours. Ganassi got his third Rolex in a row; my favorite sports car driver, Alex Gurney, finally had a strong finish with a second; and Penkse was back for the first time in 35+ years and came in third.

I’m also following all the goings on in the presidential race. Of all the GOP candidates, McCain is the one I can tolerate and I’m happy he’s gaining momentum. The Kennedys’ backing Obama was huge, and Teddy’s speech was terrific. It’s energizing to see so many people engaged and interested in the process, especially younger people. The other morning on transit, I saw a kid with an iPhone watching the Florida GOP debate, and there’s all kinds of profiles and groups on MySpace and Facebook. After so many years of apathy, it’s heartening to see all the engagement.

At work, we got a new writer on a contract-to-hire basis and he’s already impressed us with his smarts. He’s a great fit with the team as well – good sense of humor and he loves chocolate and cake.

It’s been pretty cold here lately and that means more time in the bath – reading two books right now and finally getting through February’s edition of Racer Magazine (back to racing again – figures!). I’m currently in the middle of a great article about Alex Zanardi. You may remember comical Target commercials starring Alex and Jimmy Vassar back in the 90s. Alex lost his legs in a racing accident but is still active and vibrant. The guy got a custom racing hand bike a month before the New York Marathon and decided to enter it. The bike broke on the morning of the race, and he raced anyway, finishing fourth in that class. That’s Alex!

The cats are being pampered even more than usual lately – I got out my old heating pad for my back the other day, and ended up slipping it under a towel that tops a little table they sleep on. The table is next to my computer desk and in front of a heat fan. When the fan and the heating pad are both on, my babies are in hog heaven.

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