Light Speed…

So Much to Do, So Little Time: Ran errands today, getting some essentials and looking for that Tissot watch, a new backpack and a new camera bag. At least I got the essentials covered – no luck on the rest. Crammed in housework and some work writing, with more to come, and followed qualifying for the IRL race in St. Pete tomorrow. Put the new dust ruffle and freshly-washed quilt on the big huge enormous bed – seems like it takes half an hour to change the linens on it. It’s only a queen-sized bed, but it’s the size of Rhode Island on linens day! Tomorrow, more writing, housework and errands. No rest for the overworked…

I.R.A.: Heard from my friend Ira today – he’s on the road working. (Also got a text fom my UK pal, still celebrating his birthday). Ira shared some tentative plans for my musical pals this summer, and spoke about the difficulties of conducting a long-distance relationship (his lady lives in Indiana – he’s in Seattle). We’re both so busy we haven’t kept in touch lately, so it was nice to catch up a bit.

And Mellieeeee!!!: Add Mellie to my recent visitors. (Well, see her comment on my last post – she added herself. *grin*) Hope all’s well in Tejas, my friend. (You too, Joel in “clear-on-the-other-side-of” Tejas.)

Love My Nikon: Here’s a shot I took of Sabrina with my new D80 and the amazing 85mm f1.4 lens. This was shot in very low light. Isn’t this the best funny-face ever?


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