Lazy Weekend

Loads of Loafin’: Well, I did go out for a haircut and manicure and grabbed a few household needs on the way home. But for the most part, I’ve been at home lounging, keeping up with my sports interests as you’ll see below. Feels great!

Expensive Lessons: The IndyCar Series broke in the new Iowa Speedway, in more ways than one. Rusty Wallace’s new track is a challanging one – add in much cooler and overcast weather than expected and a bunch of impatient drivers, and we had more wrecks than we’ve seen in ages. Some folks were just not careful enough – others had their cars set up for conditions that never materialized and spun out as a result. No injuries, but a lot of CARnage. It was a costly debut that finally got down to some racing, with Dario Franchitti nosing out teammate Marco Andretti for the win. Richmond is next – another short track where a lack of patience often brings much wreckage…

Lumbering Taxicabs: I don’t follow NASCAB, but have the broadcast video on today because they’re running at Sonoma. I’m heading up there for the first time in August, so want to get an idea where I might shoot photos from. The taxicabs use an easier course configuration than the IndyCars and look soooo clumbsy turning left AND right.

Gigantes!: A long, dismal losing streak ended last night in a 13-inning victory over the Yankees, and a walk in the park by the Giants today. Lovely day here in SF for baseball.

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