Last writer standing…

She’s Out!: My boss told us today that she’s leaving the company and her last day is Friday. Just when it looked like there was going to be some sanity to our schedules with enough writers to cover everything…well, I hope they backfill her position quickly, because all the sudden, we’re full up with her projects! When I joined in 2004, we were a few contractors that eventually got hired full time, along with my boss to lead us. Now, I’m the last of that crew left. Durable? Or crazy? LOL!

Still Waiting: Still no official word that the IRL and ChampCar have united, but all signs point that way. Last word is there will be a press conference on Thursday. This is going to be interesting. Very enlightening to hear Robin Miller and Darryl Waltrip talking on Wind Tunnel about how Bill France encourage Tony George to split from CART (now ChampCar). Waltrip called it a “divide and conquer” tactic and that France drove NASCAR right by open when racing once it was split. Here’s hoping Tony George has learned from this folly (leave France for the French!). Meantime, ChampCar’s three (or four) amigos – the owners known as KK, GF, DP and PG – look like Keystone Cops the last few years, trying to prop up a losing proposition after CART died in bankruptcy court. The Crappies on, a bunch of diehard ChampCar fans, are already predicting that Penske, Ganassi, Andretti Green, Rahal and others will do their best to regain control of the whole thing once it’s back together. Not sure if it will happen, or in time to save open wheel, but it sounds more promising than what the two series have seen lately.

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