Kingdom Come

A Conundrum: Rumors had Davey Hamilton in a third Roth Racing car for the Indy 500, but official word came today that he’ll be the driver for Kingdom Racing – a group out of Texas whose mission is to “Deliver the Word of God through Motor Sports.” Imagine me, a certifiably non-religious person, wearing my Kingdom Racing gear at Indy… *grin*

Weekend Wanderer: It was amazing here in San Francisco this last weekend. Low 80s, clear skies, a nice breeze. I went out for three walks and did my “One-Woman Economic Stimulus Package” routine again. Hit the Farmer’s Market for almonds and gorgeous flowers:


Saw my favorite Attack Cat:

attack cat

Saw some gorgeous goldies:


And dropped loads of money on Macy’s Hotel Collection 600 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets that are BLISS to sleep on. Also got a Michael Kors giraffe print flat sheet to serve as a futon cover:

giraffe print

There were a couple of night races and some pretty good Giants’ baseball games to make the weekend extra sweet.

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