Kingdom, Clarified

Not a Team: Davey Hamilton’s relationship with Kingdom Racing is that of sponsorship. Kingdom wishes to become a full-fledged team but doesn’t have the financial backing to put a car on the track themselves. In hopes of building visibility and gaining sponsors to field a team next season, they are acting as a sponsor. Davey also announced that Hewlett-Packard is also sponsoring him and that he hopes to announce a deal with a racing team in the next two weeks. Like last year’s run with Vision Racing, it’s “Rent-a-Ride” for the Indy 500. Last year’s rental rendered a remarkable 9th place finish for Davey after his 2001 crash and 6 years of recovery, and the speculation is Vision could be the team again this May. I’ll be tougher this year, but I’m hoping he makes it in. The guy is an inspiration.

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