Just anther week…

Snow?: N’wide qualifying got SNOWED out in Atlanta today. They managed to get the race in. Rowdy was running away with it when his right front blew – heck, there’s been so many blown tires in the first four weeks that I’m scratching my head. Yeah, this is my first full season of following the ‘cabs, but it seems like way too many failures. Smoke’s getting a lot of ink for roundly criticizing Goodyear, but I say “you GO, boy!” Next weekend, F1 starts and all three IndyCar radio shows will be in full swing. By the end of the month, IndyCar starts up.

Sportin’: Am now catching the Giant’s spring training game on MLB.com’s Gameday Audio.  And the World Figure Skating Championships will be held in two weeks. Just too much to follow!

Webbin’: The Florida Wild Mammal Association folks finally had time to survey their entire site and send a lot of new content for me to upload. I’m almost done with the home page, and hope to get lots more new content up tomorrow. Find them in my web links —> thataway —>

Ultra Sound? Prolly Not: Had an ultrasound Thursday – I’ve done these before, prior to my surgery two years ago. This time, they took lots more pictures and called me back to the room to take even more after the radiologist saw the first batch. I’m wondering what they thought they saw, but I’m sure I’ll hear from my doc in the next few days…  Sadly, if the condition’s returned, the only real treatment is surgery.  *sigh*

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