Just Another Monday…

All Soft: Still on the meal replacement shakes today, but also had some miso soup, applesauce, yogurt and mashed potatoes! I’m so excited to have eaten something that you almost have to chew! Same deal tomorrow, then I can start sprinkling in baked potatoes, soft bread and non-acidic fruits.

Vacation!: Truly, really taking one. I never take more than 3-4 days off, but end of May, I’ll be off 11 whole days in a row, thanks to Memorial Day and two weekends. Heading to Indianapolis for family and 500, then will just hang at my place for a few days. Maybe a spa day. Considering the Fourth of July weekend back east. Maybe. Definitely taking a day or two at the end of August for the IndyCar race at Infineon.

Asus Eee!: My new ultra-portable laptop should arrive tomorrow – I’ll be able to blog updates from Pit Road at IMS!

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