June 2006

30 June 2006
Fun: Lots more friends arrive in Santa Cruz for an annual gathering that includes sun, sand, the beach, great music, food and drink – an ocean of booze (not for me)! The usual mayhem ensued, the usual trollop got drunk and hung all over guys just trying to make a former boyfriend in attendance jealous, plenty of soap suds in the beer suds.

29 June 2006
Fun: Drove to Santa Cruz with UK pal. Met up with dear Janet -hadn’t seen her in a year. She, pal Roger and I joined UK friend and two of his associates for a lovely seafood dinner on the Pier. The debut of “Pippi’s Capers.” World-record amounts of black pepper applied to clam chowder consumed by The Matchstick Boy. 80s music in the background prompted much hilarious commentary and the renaming of Prince as “FingerPrints” due to his diminutive size!¦

27 June 2006
Fun: UK friend a barrel of laughs – and brought me a Battenberg cake – yum! We wandered (slowly) around my neighborhood in search of items he needed for his US business travels due to start end of the week.

26 June 2006
Personal: Dying to get out of the house.
Fun: A friend from the UK will crash at my house a day or two, starting tonight.

22 June 2006
Personal: Recovery continuing well.
Fun: Off with Deb and Tory to see the Joe Jackson Trio. Incredible evening, amazing talent and brilliant songs. And luckily, a seated show!

Mid-June 2006
Personal: Many days of waking every 3 hours to take drugs (vicodin, mainly), lounging in bed, listening to XM Chill, Giants’ baseball on KNBR 680, working crosswords, coloring, and trying to read (and dozing off).

04 June 2006
Personal: Home from hospital; all went extremely smoothly. Abdomen cleared of the worst of the interloping growths and all is well.

01 June 2006
Work: Off until July 17.
Personal: Checked in to UCSF Mount Zion for major open abdominal surgery.

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