July 2006

17 July 2006
Work: Back to work for the first time since late May. Total chaos as the site redesign was in full swing and I had to find a way to reintegrate myself into radically different processes. So much had changed in seven weeks.
Health: Feeling fairly well – still without pain and possessing more energy than I thought I would.

10 July 2006
Melancholy: Flew home today. Janet and I were both weepy as she dropped me off at the airport. Home was good, I had missed my cats, but it was so strange not having Janet and “the boys” around.
Joke: What do you call someone who always hangs around musicians? The drummer.

09 July 2006
Fun/Drama: Soapy, soppy goodbyes today, as our pals all disbanded to return to their homes. My date recommended we act like we didn’t know each other in front of the rest, even though they’ve known of our doings for a couple of years, saw us retire for the night together, etc. (Date has been kicked to the curb for good.) Ah, soap suds! Janet and I had played host and den mom to this troupe for almost two weeks and we’d melded into this strange but lovely social unit. We drove to her home in nearby SoCal, took a swim (I finally had medical clearance to get into a pool!), ate some great pizza with her family, and then spent the evening sipping red wine (yes! I could finally drink!), sifting through the mountain of photos we took and laughing about the myriad memories we’d made.

08 July 2006
Fun: Janet let me drive her brand new car half the trip from the Bay Area to Orange County. I flew 95 mph, and we arrived earlier than planned to our event on a lakeside beach. Oh, so many augmented breasts, botoxed brows, sun-damage wrinkles and silver spoons! Janet and I have one laugh after another at “new” noses, “exploding Jolies” (collagened lips), and snotty attitudes. The hotel corridor displayed a mad full moon that night. (That mad full moon turns up often in this crowd. Something about The Queen’s fetish…) The party afterward was nice, but I soon wandered off to a much smaller party with my date.

07 July 2006
Fun: Next stop on the road, next stop for some fun. The lot of us picked up a few more pals and had a lovely evening outdoors, with food, great music and fireworks during a small town event. The old girlfriend of one of our pals showed up again with her new boyfriend and continued her quest to make the old one jealous and to stir up trouble. Pushing 50 and acting 12. More soap suds, with more to come! Everyone turned in early this evening – a long drive to SoCal awaited the next day.

06 July 2006
Fun: Along with Roger, I rejoined Janet and the crew in upstate CA for more work/fun. I survived this road trip by napping whenever I could – in the car, while folks were prepping for work, anytime I could grab some Zs. Was really surprised I was able to keep up just a month after major surgery. The human body is an amazing thing. More lovely work/play time in Eureka with Janet, my recently un-estranged “date”, our UK pals, our extended road troupe, etc.

04 July 2006
Fun: First words I heard today were “Happy Fourth of July, Bash!” This greeting from one of the Brits in our traveling troupe. I said, “Yeah, good thing we kicked those dirty British bastards out of our country, innit?” Doh! This was a day off for all the revelers, so I journeyed back to SF to look in on my cats and repack my suitcase for the rest of the trip. Janet went to a barbeque with the rest of the gang at the home of an old friend. We kept in touch via text. Her phone plays a Depeche tune when I text her, and a certain someone kept asking her to play “Bash’s song” on her phone.
Joke: How do you light up a guitar player’s eyes? Shine a flashlight in his ear!

03 July 2006
Fun: Travel to Redding. First visit here – it’s gorgeous. Had a nice time with the travelers. Dinner at the casino was nice – laughter, food sharing and world-record amounts of black pepper applied to yet more soup by The Matchstick Boy. Janet gently lectured me that I’d punished the inconsiderate one long enough – the poor thing was acting all lost and bewildered. Ended up sitting up late and ironing out (well, temporarily – sometimes they just never learn) a couple of the issues I’d had with the lost soul, who was experiencing some emotional turmoil in the process. So there was a bit of drama in the mix – lots of soppy male tears, soap suds (and beer suds).
Running Joke: This day saw the beginning of the conversation about my athletic feats – as I left the party room, I hopped off the bed I’d been sitting on and landed with a solid bounce. I learned later that the move had been declared a full-twisting double back dismount and given an overall score of 8.6. Later, it morphed into a double axel (me being a huge figure skating fan and all.) Later still, it became a bit of legend recalled by one of the UK crowd, who delighted onlookers with his slow-motion, Bionic Man-type description of the event.

02 July 2006
Fun: Road trip to scorching Sacramento. Janet and I had gotten involved with our UK friends’ business doings and went along to continue helping. Once the day was done, we hosted a party for them and a few others who traveled with us. Still didn’t have much to do with inconsiderate one, but did manage to get a little message across about some OTHER selfish behavior that had been exhibited before. (Always, there are soap suds with this one.) Janet and I were to return to SF the next day and hang out, but our UK pals invited us to continue on the road to far Northern California with them.

01 July 2006
Fun: We were due to travel to Central CA coast with UK pals and associates, but their engagement was canceled. We remained in Santa Cruz for a brilliant day with friends and all that booze from the night before. Still couldn’t drink, but it was fun watching them. Was feeling all right, but was a bit angry at someone who’d displayed some very inconsiderate behavior the night before. Decided to keep my distance for a bit and see if the lesson might sink in…
Joke: What do you call a guitar player without a girlfriend? Homeless.

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