It just never ends…

Secret Project is Back: My boss gave me back the secret project I covered for her while she was on vacation. I’m trying to figure out where it will fit on my plate. Today, all the producers met to push out deadlines for as many of my projects as possible, which means I just may not have to spend my whole weekend working. I am definitely putting in the hours during the week, though. I don’t think I’ve ever been this tired…

UK Pal: My beloved UK pal called today to tell me he won’t be near enough San Francisco on this trip to get together – he’s flying back east on Sunday morning to see his lady. He apologized for the band not having a guest list for their private gig, which is a small personal function and not the usual private corporate or organization gig. It’s hardly something he can control and even if he could, I’d feel really strange showing up at a total stranger’s personal celebration! Poor dear has injured his back and is really dreading his trans-Atlantic flight later this week. That won’t be a fun 10 hours, nor will having to play a couple of gigs straight off it help matters much.

(Try to) Beat LA: The Giants have been on a roll lately, with their stellar pitching finally being paired with enough offense and defense to get the wins. Tonight, we’re at LA, where we’ll give it another go against our worst rival. The game starts in 40 minutes and I’m just hoping to keep my eyes open long enough to catch some of it.

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