It appears to be a time of need…

There’s a special family and their special cause that needs your support.

I learned about the Florida Wild Mammal Association through Judy Cooke, who is a member of Pete’s Pond Friends. The Friends are a group of folks on Yahoo who share screen captures and videos from the Pete’s Pond cam presented by National Geographic. Judy volunteers at the Association’s center and helps feed and care for the animals there. I have agreed to help with their Web site and have just started to learn more about their operations.

The Association rehabilitates sick and injured animals and releases them back into the wild whenever possible. Judy photographs the critters and shares funny and touching stories about them on her blog, allowing us to all experience the sometime-sorrows and often-joys of the work the Association does.

The Beatty family runs the non-profit Association on their property near Tallahassee and usually spend their last dime every month caring for the animals that are brought to them after being hit by cars, falling from nests, or being shot by hunters. Last week, the Beattys suffered a tragic fire. The family is safe, and all the rescue animals got out of the fire, but they lost their home, belongings and three beloved dogs. The fire was stopped before it got to the outbuildings where many of the animals are housed, so while they try to recover from their loss, they still have to care for, treat and feed many of the animals. (The center’s volunteers have also taken some of the animals to temporary shelter in their homes.)

The Beattys need thoughts, prayers and a little $ to help feed the animals and meet their own basic needs. If you want to learn more about helping them, please see Judy’s blog – there, she details different ways to help. And if you scroll down to earlier, happier days on the blog, you will see some of the most adorable critter faces…

Thanks for your consideration.

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