Is Wilson Justin Time, Or Will Penske Corner the Market on Ryans?

Helio Out: Just recently, Team Penske vowed to stand by Helio Castroneves as he faced tax evasion charges, hoping to put him in the car at the beginning of the season if he was acquitted quickly. Something has apparently changed very quickly in Helio’s case, because Penske will hold a press conference tomorrow to announce Helio’s replacement in the #3 car. Names like Will Power and Ryan Hunter-Reay are floating (imagine Ryan being teammates with Penske #6 Ryan Briscoe…that’d be fun), but the name my sources are offering up as the pick is Justin Wilson.

Meantime, I’m hoping for the best for Helio. Some folks I know who know Helio say it wouldn’t be like him to knowingly do something illegal – they are citing his trustful, naive nature as something that may have gotten him into this mess. I just hope he doesn’t have to do time, if these folks are right.

Update: Both the Indy Star and Robin Miller at SPEED TV are reporting the driver is Power!  He’ll be on board until Helio’s situation is clear. So Team Penske hasn’t backed away from supporting Helio after all…they’re just announcing their game plan early. That sounds like the Team Penske we know and love…

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