iPhone Snaps

Busy: Lots happening with work, volunteering, reading, cats, etc. Mainly, it’s the usual, so I won’t write much. Just wanted to post some iPhone pics I’ve taken lately.

Sleeping on His Head: I love when Sebastian is sitting up straight, then tucks his nose between his front paws and takes a nap without lying down. So funny.

Mobile Joe – Really?: I saw this in downtown San Francisco the other day…a mobile Starbucks. Ironically, there are at least four Starbucks locations within a two-block radius of where this truck was dispensing joe. How much is enough?

My Lights: I love that you can find inexpensive lights in an array of interesting colors at your local Walgreen’s.

Their Lights: They being the San Francisco Shopping Center’s. Stopped on the upper level to grab a book at Border’s and admired the display of lights under the dome. They reminded me a little of jellyfish…

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