“I’m a leeeetle buggy…”

TGIF: Battled a tummy bug the last couple of days – glad the week is over so I can rest. No Indy Cars this weekend, but next weekend I’ll see them race in person at Sonoma. Hopefully I’ll run into my old college mate Vince Welch, and my new MySpace pal, Bud Moeller. Bud races the Historic GP cars, and he and his wife Carol used to live here in the bay area, so they’re arranging wine and Alcatraz tours for a bunch for race fans. He invited a bunch of us from MySpace as well. I’m planning to be at the raceway most of the weekend, so I may miss the tours, but can’t wait to see all the races. IPS is running two races that weekend, so I can see the up and comers like Alex Lloyd, Hideki Mutoh, Ryan Justice, etc.

Pippi: We’re planning to hogtie Big Bunny and move him to the west coast.  We’re planning lots of things. 😉

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