I’m a Granny!

Well, Sorta: One of my direct reports is a first-time dad! His baby girl was born early yesterday morning – all are well. Baby Girl Baron didn’t have a name as of this morning, but her sleep-deprived dad was thinking it should be “Michael Phelps Baron”… *grin* (UPDATE: it’s Abigail Marlee Baron!)

Rounding the Corner: Got the bedroom all squared away last night, and cleaned the kitchen this evening. Tried to hang the towel bar and shelves, but the screws are too long for the drywall and whatever’s backing it. I’ll have to see if Cole Hardware has something shorter that might work – otherwise, it’s back to the old “over the door” towel rack. (grrrrr…)

Welcome, Joe!: My new boss started work today – he had orientation and lots of meetings, so I only saw him at lunch. We have our first meeting tomorrow and the brain dump will begin… Glad to have him on board!

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