Illin’ and Chillin’…

Home, Sick: Running a fever and battling a sore throat, so I skipped “school” today and slept most of the morning. I’m so exhausted. Really need a break.

Supreme Wort: The top court chipped a chunk out of Roe v Wade today, by upholding a federal ban on late stage abortions. A sound byte from a right-winger struck me as terribly ironic. She celebrated the court’s decision by pointing out that the shootings at Virginia Tech highlighted how precious life is and that we should protect it. (Probably uttered while clutching her NRA membership card.) We can’t get these right wingers to support gun control laws – it seems they find life precious enough to protect only when it means interfering with a woman’s reproductive rights.

Visitors: “Oh, Canada, our home and native land…” Welcome, eh? Cayman Islands. Man, I’m jealous. Would love a break there. France. Bonjour! My reader in Ashburn VA isn’t around as much lately. Probably got bored.

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