Illin’ and Chillin’…

Nasty: A virus has mowed through the office – the Creative team has been decimated the last few days. My turn. I stayed home today, although I was online working the whole time. Can’t afford a down day right now – my big projects for the next release are starting, and I have a contractor starting on-site Monday. That will mean I’m responsible for three others now, and not just one (I’m getting my off-site contractor back), plus I’ll be juggling the highest profile projects. The next three months will be slammed.

Pippi!: She’s planning to move back to California next month, bringing her bunny with her! Woo Hooo!

Vegas?: Those Fixx boys have two gigs in Vegas right after Thanksgiving. Pippi and Big Bunny will likely be there. I’m going to try, but it’s tough timing. Even if I get the time off, which is possible, I’m going to be really tired and likely needing a four-day spa stay, and not flights and gigs and two nights of all-night parties and all the attendant drama and posturing that goes with it. This will be a last-minute decision…

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