Hoo, Boy

Draggin’: My visitor got in last night, and true to form, headed straight for California’s favorite fast food joint – after slowing to about 10 mph so I could jump in the car for the ride. 9:30’s a bit late for me to eat, but we were in and out pretty quickly. We took a customary trip down Lombard Street with its turns and stunning views (customary for him – I’d never been on that block of Lombard) and then off to my house for a gab session. Didn’t sleep very well and I’m really dragging this morning…hoping to get to Infineon by noon.

Activatin’: There’s so much talk around the IndyCar series about the need for sponsor activation – I saw an example of it a couple weeks ago that I caught with my iPhone and sent to some interested parties as proof that it’s happening out here. Now, not everyone would think to push Enrique Bernoldi, but here he is, big as day on top of my favorite Indian restaurant. And apparently in other parts of SF that I haven’t seen – I’m hearing about various locations and different designs from this sponsor.

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