Holy Carnage, batman!

One Lucky Dude: Dario Franchitti is walking, talking, breathing and scarfing down pizza on pit lane this evening, very lucky to be doing so. Michigan turned out to be what Pressdog would label a “Festival of Carbon Fiber”, deluxe version, with plenty of cars into the wall, into each other, and a horrific accident touched off by Dan Wheldon that took out half the remaining cars. Franchitti was pirouetting through the air, nose down, then helmet down, then a barrel roll, landing on other cars before coming to a stop on his lid. Everyone walked away under their own power – Sam Hornish got out of his wrecked car and came to help turn Dario’s back onto its wheels. ESPN’s cameras followed Franchitti as he rejoined his team in the pits, and the number of people who stopped and hugged him and the concern on their faces showed just how beloved the guy is. Bummed for Danica – she missed the carnage and was the car on track that always got stronger as a stint wore on, but she suffered a cut tire and had to pit, which put her a lap down. She could have won her first race. As it was, TK and Marco came home 1-2 to salve the Andretti Green wounds. It just shows that – done correctly – there’s advantage to running a multi-car team, even if there’s a lot of bittersweet that comes with it.

Here’s hoping next week’s race at Kentucky is a lot less expensive for everyone.

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