Checkin’ In: Things are just getting more and more hectic at work, so there’s not much motivation to write when I don’t have to once I get home. Never fear – I’m here! The joke is growing at work… Person 1: “We need a UI writer for this project. We could assign it to Bash or, uh, Bash.” Person 2: “Hey, I have a great idea – let’s assign it to Bash!” Once I hit “Publish” on this post, I gotta log in to work and write some more…

Neon Bible: Downloaded the new Arcade Fire album today, and have spent much of the day getting to know it. Good stuff!

GUS!: My dear pal Gus will be in town this week, recording up at Skywalker Ranch. He runs Super Audio Center in Boulder (which used to be a division of Sony Electronics – they developed DSD/SA-CD hardware and software called Sonoma). We’ll definitely be heading to Giorgio’s for our favorite pizza. Looking forward to it.

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