Happy Turkey Day!

Contented: Ate my turkey and dressing, plus a little pumpkin custard. Managed not to overdo it, so I’m pleasantly contented here with my similarly-contented felines. A nice afternoon with a pile of books awaits. Having a quiet holiday at home is a lovely balance to the insanity of working for an online retailer this time of year. Hope you are all spending your Thanksgiving in your favorite way.

Ruped: Talked to family and a few friends so far today, including Rupert, who’s currently traveling with his band mates. He said the radio show they were supposed to do yesterday in Phoenix resembled the Keystone Cops – a totally amateur production that may never see the light of day, despite the fact that it was a nice performance by them. He said their gig last night was fun and that my friend Gary managed to make it – Rupe is a big Gary fan! He commented that their webmaster has been busy eating since he’s not working and has gotten a bit round. (Always ready to comment, that Rupe!) Rupe himself sounded great. He’s really missed touring – they haven’t been on the road nearly as much as they used to – so he’s completely happy to be performing for a few days.

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