Guess I’ve Been a Little Busy!

Will Owsley’s Death: I still can’t believe he’s gone. Will’s song “Coming Up Roses” is playing in my head as I type. Hope his family and friends are slowly finding peace. Here’s the address for sending donations to Will’s boys – they can accept checks only:

The Will Owsley Family Fund

c/o Christ Community Church
1215 Hillsboro Road
Franklin, TN 37069
Please make the check out to: Christ Community Church

Bono’s Back (in more ways than one):  His back is better. And he’s back! Just a few days until U2’s European tour opens in Torino, Italy. Glad he took the time to fully recuperate from what was a pretty serious-sounding spinal injury. My Oakland and Anaheim concerts have been rescheduled for June 2011, so I have plenty of time to look forward to those. And lots to do between now and then, so the time will fly!

Indy Vacation: I had a blast in Indianapolis at the 500, thanks to some amazing tweeps, Jeff and Terry especially. My Bay area buds attended their first 500 and they were so much fun! I did my best to take care of them, even though I suffered from increasing heat exhaustion as each day went by. Race day itself was so hot that I ended up missing over an hour of the race, hiding under the grandstands in the misting fans. I was determined not to become a casualty and end up needing treatment.

Texas Vacation: Didn’t happen. it took several days for me to recover from the heat exhaustion and Texas was expected near-record temps, so I cancelled that trip and stayed home. I also ran with a tongue-in-cheek idea from a Twitter user to create something called FanFit for my Indy blog. The program will make me fitter, lighter, healthier and more able to withstand the rigors of being a race fan. It’s almost ready for prime time.

Indy Blog: Changed it completely last weekend – except for the theme. No longer, it is now, and it a much better fit for what I’m trying to do. There will still be some travel tips, but it’s much more about the races and the fun around them.

Work: Work work work work work.

Elbow: Slowly sinking into the wonderful music of Guy Garvey and his gang of musical brothers from Manchester, England. Just have one album so far (The Seldom Seen Kid Live at Abbey Road) but have heard some of the other three. Such amazing songs.

Health: Slight step backwards with the asthma situation. The single medication prescription Pulmicort doesn’t do as well with controlling my asthma, so I finished an Advair inhaler and am now trying a sample of Symbicort, which is also dual-medication like Advair.  Severely limited time working out in July due to lack of time, energy, occasional slight injury and breathing issues. Gotta roll out that FanFit program and get back on the horse!

Up Next: Sonoma IndyCar race (credentialed to the SpeedFreaks organization), potential jury duty conflicting with a planned trip to the Chicagoland race, and then The Fixx at the Sausalito Art Festival on September 4th. Want to work in a visit to family in the Fall and hopefully the WinterIndyTweetup again this year. For the most part, hoping for a quiet end to the year – just want to concentrate on continuing to improve my health and getting my racing blog established.

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